The End: this blog leaps over to Windows Live Spaces

I’ve decided to move my blog to a new home on Windows Live Spaces. I hope you’ll move with me. My new blog URL is To subscribe to the new RSS feed, simply click this link: Thanks for being with me on TechNet. See you on the other side.

That Windows Vista Packaging

Here’s the clever bit about the new packaging. It opens like this: Very neat!


Bring YourSELF to Work

Yes, it’s true: tomorrow is Bring YourSELF to Work Day 2006. In case you’re feeling confused because you bring yourself to work most days anyway, take note of that clever capitalisation of the letters S, E, L and F. As the campaign leader says: Nothing should be simpler than being yourself at work and yet…


Voluminous Venti

Sunday, sitting in Starbucks. Note to self: a venti-sized mug of coffee is too large to drink comfortably without a catheter.

The brainless way to win a £4,000 digital makeover

What is a Personal Computer? (a) A microcomputer whose price, size and capabilities make it suitable for personal usage (b) An elongated yellow fruit that grows on trees (c) The Queen of England At least the questions aren’t quite as simple as that but your brain still won’t get out of first gear to answer the…

Windows Live Local – now even better

My regular reader will know how much of a fan I have become of Windows Live Local. While Google Earth was very quick out of the blocks in 2004 after they acquired Keyhole Corp, it’s now looking a bit creaky in comparison to the much improved, if absurdly named, Windows Live Local. The thing I love…


Software: it’s everywhere you know – even in Frinton

I’m just back from a short break at everyone’s favourite sunshine destination: the North-East Essex coast! I was amused by the continued mass hysteria raging over the planned replacement of the famous railway gates at Frinton-on-Sea with automated barriers. Here, in the unlikely event that you’ve never seen them, are what the town’s mayor claims to be Frinton’s…

Teasippers, Limeys and Rosbifs

I am all of the above. And if you’re English you are too. I’ve just discovered this fascinating list of colloquial ways to address your fellow citizens of the world. And before you start using any of these and upset someone, bear in mind that they probably have a special word for you too 😉


Dubious words emerging from Microsoft

What’s going on? We seem to have a swathe of dubious sounding product names emerging from Microsoft just recently. There’s the legendarily bad “OneCare” (careful how you say that), we’ve “SmartArt” in the 2007 Office system, and IE7 is now “RC1” which is a harsh description at the best of times. I know the IT…