The End: this blog leaps over to Windows Live Spaces

I’ve decided to move my blog to a new home on Windows Live Spaces. I hope you’ll move with me. My new blog URL is To subscribe to the new RSS feed, simply click this link: Thanks for being with me on TechNet. See you on the other side.


My Blogcasts on Soapbox

I’ve been playing with the new Soapbox on MSN Video service. It’s pretty cool. I never really got into YouTube but I can see how useful it will be to be able to restrict access to my videos on Soapbox based on my existing Windows Live Messenger contact lists. I’ve uploaded 5 of my Outlook…


The Joy of Finding Big Things (in Outlook 2007)

My former boss, Bruce Lynn, asked me this weekend how he could locate all the large (>200kb) entries in his Outlook calendar so he could delete them to free up some space in his mailstore. He couldn’t figure out how to do this but knew it must be easy. If you find your mailstore is running…


Add some hyperlink action to your emails

Bloggers know how important it is to include relevant hyperlinks in their posts 😉 They can come in pretty handy in emails too. Instead of pasting a lengthy and ugly URL into an email you can add a hyperlink to any part of your email text. So, instead of this: The UsefulTechnology blog ( is really…


From Zero to Hero with Outlook

I have my annual performance review in half an hour. This reminds me of a great little non-technical tip that may help you get even more value out of Microsoft Outlook. Every time you receive an email thanking or praising you for some work that you have done, save it in a special folder called (something like) “Hero”….


Known Issues in Outlook 2007 Beta 2

Slipstick features a comprehensive article detailing the latest known issues that people encounter while testing Outlook 2007 Beta 2. The most common problems I hear about are caused by incompatible add-ins which can be disabled in the new Tools > Trust Center window. If Outlook crashes while you are trying to disable an add-in (this…


The Mysterious World of Extend Mode in Word and Outlook

The Extend Mode in Microsoft Word is an artefact of the early computing era before the mouse was invented (and the natural evolution of that gunky stuff that builds up on your mouse’s bottom). Few computer users make use of this feature today because they’ve learned how to scoot around their documents with the mouse and…


Changing Meeting Attendees’ Type

That is, without doubt, the most boring and uninspiring title that I’ve ever come up with for a blog entry. Sorry. I just couldn’t think of a better way of describing this fairly ordinary, but still rather useful, tip. As you may know, when inviting people to a meeting you can decide whether they are required…


Publishing Your Calendar for the World to See

Earlier this week I blogged about Outlook 2007’s new ‘Send a Calendar via Email’ feature. An even more powerful calendar feature allows you to Publish your Calendar to the Microsoft Office Online Beta* service. After you first use this feature Outlook 2007 will upload as much (or as little) of your calendar as you wish…


The Best Microsoft Outlook Tip in the World… ever!

In this, my final posting as Exchange/Outlook Product Manager for the UK, I would like to share with you the most powerful productivity tool in Outlook: the delete key. I’ll also share a simple workflow you can use right away to help maintain an empty Inbox while staying on top of important information. I hope you…