The End: this blog leaps over to Windows Live Spaces

I’ve decided to move my blog to a new home on Windows Live Spaces. I hope you’ll move with me. My new blog URL is To subscribe to the new RSS feed, simply click this link: Thanks for being with me on TechNet. See you on the other side.

My Blogcasts on Soapbox

I’ve been playing with the new Soapbox on MSN Video service. It’s pretty cool. I never really got into YouTube but I can see how useful it will be to be able to restrict access to my videos on Soapbox based on my existing Windows Live Messenger contact lists. I’ve uploaded 5 of my Outlook…

Figuring out what you’ve done and who you did it to in Outlook

So here I am at last. My very own Technet blog. Crumbs, what a responsibility. My regular reader (thanks dad) will know that this is my new blog landing site. After exactly 444 thoroughly enjoyable days residing on TheSpoke, my chum Eileen Brown has finally managed to convince me to relocate to a different part of cyber town….