Bring YourSELF to Work

Yes, it’s true: tomorrow is Bring YourSELF to Work Day 2006. In case you’re feeling confused because you bring yourself to work most days anyway, take note of that clever capitalisation of the letters S, E, L and F. As the campaign leader says: Nothing should be simpler than being yourself at work and yet…


Brainfart with Vista

By our standards it’s quite subtle, but there’s no doubting that Windows Vista is behind this new site at If you don’t know Demitri Martin (i.e. you are one of the 95% of human beings living outside of the USA) you may not recognise the voice. But you may still enjoy the humor (i.e….

Securing that wireless network

I stumbled across this helpful article from Connected Home that explains how to secure a wireless network: The most important thing here is to enable WPA (or WPA2 if you have new hardware). Without this sort of encryption your network will remain as wide open as a crocodile at the dentist.

The Joy of Finding Big Things (in Outlook 2007)

My former boss, Bruce Lynn, asked me this weekend how he could locate all the large (>200kb) entries in his Outlook calendar so he could delete them to free up some space in his mailstore. He couldn’t figure out how to do this but knew it must be easy. If you find your mailstore is running…

Voluminous Venti

Sunday, sitting in Starbucks. Note to self: a venti-sized mug of coffee is too large to drink comfortably without a catheter.

Windows Live Insider Club

Confused by all this new Windows Live stuff? Yeah, me too. There’s a lot of new gadgetry to get our heads around. I discovered an interesting new site at that aims to shed some light on the matter. Those talking bodies are a bit freaky – anyone who says ‘”click me” is just plain…


Internet Explorer 7 is launched

The world’s most popular browser just got better. Internet Explorer 7 was released just hours ago. You can get it from  

Windows Vista Tipfest

Ah, I love the smell of a tip in the morning! I’m in New York for Digital Life and to meet up with some of my colleagues from around the world. It’s Friday 13th, I’m jetlagged and I’ve just run out of coffee. But all is well because I’ve just discovered a useful tips &…


Add some hyperlink action to your emails

Bloggers know how important it is to include relevant hyperlinks in their posts 😉 They can come in pretty handy in emails too. Instead of pasting a lengthy and ugly URL into an email you can add a hyperlink to any part of your email text. So, instead of this: The UsefulTechnology blog ( is really…


Screen capture the easy way

I’m often asked what tools I use to make screengrabs to include in my blog. I used to use the Snipping Tool which is part of the Tablet PC Experience Pack for Windows XP. So you can imagine my disappointment when, after upgrading to Windows Vista, I discovered that the Experience Pack would not install….