Append a post to an email in Outlook

Sometimes even the most disciplined time management gurus cannot cope with sheer volume of emails flooding into their Outlook Inbox. And while it's good practice to keep your Inbox as empty as possible (converting all those 'things to do' into tasks) there are some smaller jobs that are best left in the Inbox until they are completed.

To make this easier, there's a very simple way to append a post to any items in your Inbox. Simply make sure your Inbox is Arranged By Conversation, click on the email to which you wish to append a post and press CTRL+T. Outlook will create a new post containing the body copy and conversation header of your chosen email, to which you can add any notes about the outstanding things you must do relating to this email. And because your Inbox is arranged by conversation, your new post is effectively glued to its related email. Simple, eh?

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