To flag or not to flag in Outlook

Outlook has always provided an amazing amount of customisation, and it's never been better than in Outlook 2007. One area that I've personally chosen to customise is the default Inbox view. The default view now shows both the new colour category and the flag status fields against each item in the Inbox. And things can get a bit, er, colourful if you make use of both of these features.

Unfortunately, the flag status field is locked to the right hand side of the Inbox column so you can't move it around. And, as I've not yet found a use for the Flag Status field (I'm a die-hard SHIFT+CTRL+V, move to tasks guy), I've opted to remove this from the Inbox view. Here's how to do this:

  1. In Outlook, click on the View menu, point to Current View, and then click Customize Current View.
  2. Click Fields.
  3. In the Available fields list, select Flag Status, and then click Remove.

To return the flag status to its default location simply do steps 1 and 2 above, then click on Flag Status then Add->.

If you make a complete pig's ear of things, just do step 1 above and press Reset Current View. Normality is restored! Phew!

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