Instant search in Outlook 2007

[POST UPDATED - SEE COMMENTS FOR THE LATEST!] Those with ageing memories have long enjoyed the powerful search capabilities in Outlook using add-ons like Lookout or Windows Desktop Search. I'm loving the latest beta of Outlook 2007 (I'm running the Beta 2 Technical Refresh) and the search seems quicker than ever. In fact I'd describe it as "Instant". Which is handy because the all-important keyboard shortcut you need to remember is ALT+i to activate the instant search in your current Outlook view. Trust me, you'll be using ALT+i a lot so commit it to memory before you forget!

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  1. Edmund says:

    I wonder when we’ll get to see the Technical Refresh so that we can play with these things too?  Please…


  2. Henrik Walther says:

    Hmm I’m running Outlook 2007 B2TR too, and I need to use CTRL+E in order to use Instant Search.

  3. Allister_Frost says:

    Ha! Good spot Henrik! I now realise I was running some additional add-ons which had changed the keyboard shortcut behaviour on my machine. Sorry for any confusion.

    Yes, the correct keyboard shortcut is CTRL+E or the F3 key. These aren’t quite as easy to remember as ‘i for instant’. Maybe ‘e for extremely-fast’ or ‘e for easy-search’. Nope, I can’t think of an easy way to remember CTRL+E or F3, other than just using one of them with brute force until it sticks in the memory!

    Thanks for the feedback.

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