Software: it’s everywhere you know – even in Frinton

I'm just back from a short break at everyone's favourite sunshine destination: the North-East Essex coast! I was amused by the continued mass hysteria raging over the planned replacement of the famous railway gates at Frinton-on-Sea with automated barriers. Here, in the unlikely event that you've never seen them, are what the town's mayor claims to be Frinton's world-famous gates:

Frinton Gates

Some protesters are stating that they think the new unmanned barriers will be less safe due to the inevitable problems with software. But if they stopped to think about it they'd realise that, as Steve Lamb points out, software is everywhere: controlling the crossings, the signals, the trains, the platform announcements, even the jet fighters controlling the skies.

If people are really worried about the safety risks associated with software compared to the risks of human error they'd be well advised to stay at home, disconnect themselves from the mains electricity and only venture out when the funeral director arrives with their coffin. Mind you, now I think about it, that's what many people in Frinton do anyway. Maybe they're on to something...

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