Teasippers, Limeys and Rosbifs

I am all of the above. And if you're English you are too. I've just discovered this fascinating list of colloquial ways to address your fellow citizens of the world. And before you start using any of these and upset someone, bear in mind that they probably have a special word for you too 😉

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  1. Phili The Frog says:

    Zis is very funny, but I do not like zat pipol can make fun of zi ozers just because of their nationality. Zis is not fair.

    Your story reminds me of a joke I made when I was at university, displaying, with a Rosbif friend of mine, in the stairs of a students’ residence some jokes about all the nationalities present in the building. I think everybody just laughed about it. Well, nearly everybody. And I promise we had not mentioned the war.

  2. Allister_Frost says:

    Ha! Good to see that ‘Phili The Frog’ is a fan of Ze Useful Technology blog. I too remember an unofficial art gallery appearing one night while I was at university. In fact, my risbif ribs are starting to ache just thinking about it!

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