Dubious words emerging from Microsoft

What's going on? We seem to have a swathe of dubious sounding product names emerging from Microsoft just recently. There's the legendarily bad "OneCare" (careful how you say that), we've "SmartArt" in the 2007 Office system, and IE7 is now "RC1" which is a harsh description at the best of times. I know the IT industry is renowned for generating dodgy-sounding product names but Microsoft seems to be doing more than most to maintain this reputation.

Comments (2)

  1. Blake Handler says:

    It get’s even worse when Microsoft allows the engineers to name their products. How else would you have products like "Phlat" and "Snarf?"

  2. Darren Strange says:

    my personal favourite was the discussion I had with the people deciding on the kits to ship to developers with all the betas on.  There was one type of kit that had all the relevant Office 2007 betas included.  That was considered a good idea so they announced the Master Beta kit to be sent out to developers around the world.  Presumably to their great relief.

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