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Contrary to one correspondent's theory, the lack of recent postings here is not evidence of my having been seized by British Anti-Terrorist Police. I agree that the liquids I carry onto aircraft may have a dangerously high alcoholic content that could blow your mind but I doubt they'd do much damage to a plane. No, I've simply been on holiday to the Great British Seaside. My contact with the Information Superhighway and this blog was temporarily severed, but my mastery of sandcastle construction has moved on a notch or two. The good news (or bad depending on your point of view) is that I'm back now.

After this short absence I should be chomping at the bit to share some words of Useful Technology wisdom. But I'm sorry, I can't. I'm feeling rather queer. Don't panic: that's what my grandfather used to say when he was feeling unwell. In fact, I've been so queer that I've been off work today. And during my waking hours lying in bed I've been wondering where to take my blog next.

As my regular reader will know, I love sharing tips on how to use Outlook and cope with email overload. But my new job at Microsoft has more of a marketing communications flavour to it. I now find myself thinking about different things like how Windows Vista will change our attitudes to technology and how advances in mobile devices will shape our digital world.

So the question on my lips—and almost certainly not on yours—is what should I write about on my blog?

Among the options under consideration are:

  1. Tips for a successful blog

  2. Marketing cool technology to consumers

  3. Web 2.0 and the software as a service revolution

  4. Brilliant design wot I love

  5. Why I have 2 million hits but get so few comments on my blog

  6. And, of course, the old chestnut: Outlook and Email Survival

Like any half-decent marketer I'm turning to you, my customer, to figure out what I can do better. Please let me know where we should go together by sending me an email using the, er, Email link above or leaving a comment by clicking the, er, Comment link down there. And if you like my blog, please click the Like It? button over there on the right to tell a friend.

Many thanks for your input. I'm off for a lie down. G'night.

[UPDATE: Feeling better now. And yes, I goofed. I had the 'anonymous comments are blocked' setting switched on, which explains why so few people commented previously. I've fixed it now, so comment away]

Comments (2)

  1. Dugie says:

    How about the ways that Vista as a plaform is an *enabler* of a Better Digital Life.  

    Obviosuly applications are a big part of that – and you can elaborate on a sucessfult tip or tatic on how an application (or a feature of Vista), enables a Better Digital Life.

    Lot’s of blogs, blurt out that xyz or abc is available.  But the trick is find the quality blogs that go a bit deeper and show us why – guess that’s why we  like your blog 🙂

  2. Personally,  I would love to see you do all of the above but if I had to choose … I would say ‘Marketing cool technology to consumers’ 🙂

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