Installing Internet Explorer Beta 3 over Beta 2

Is anyone else worried about whether to upgrade to the latest version (Beta 3) of Internet Explorer? I pondered (that's like thinking, but more posh) for a while then thought "what the heck, the worst that can happen is it destroys my PC and my life." But then I started installing from this site and learned that I would have to uninstall Beta 2 first. Which I started doing until I got this:

Scary Warning!

And that's when I really freaked out. This was bad. Very bad. Had I really installed that much stuff since Beta 2 entered my life? What possible damage would I cause by uninstalling something that so many other things depend upon? It felt like I would be removing a lung*, and you don't want to do that unless absolutely necessary.

Then I discovered this very lovely post from the IE team and saw their explanation about this mysterious warning message. So I re-read the warning message, took note of the couple of applications that might go a bit loopy and installed IE7 Beta 3. And do you know what? It only went and worked! And it's pretty cool too. Give it a go.

* Do NOT try this at home.

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