Understanding Outlook Icons

This isn’t a new webpage, but a question from a colleague reminded me that I really should mention this on the UsefulTechnology blog. For the definitive view of every icon in Outlook 2003 check out this page. Now, what’s the betting on Blake being the first to do something similar for the 2007 release?!


Dubious words emerging from Microsoft

What’s going on? We seem to have a swathe of dubious sounding product names emerging from Microsoft just recently. There’s the legendarily bad “OneCare” (careful how you say that), we’ve “SmartArt” in the 2007 Office system, and IE7 is now “RC1” which is a harsh description at the best of times. I know the IT…


Smile! You’re on a Speed Camera!

I’m fascinated by the human relationship with technology and how one helps shape the other. A recent example that got me thinking came after the Thames Valley Park Security team installed a speed camera on one of the roads approaching the UK Microsoft Campus. But this wasn’t one of those widely despised ‘Greed Cameras’ that…


Internet Explorer 7 RC1 – get it now

Straight from the oven: Internet Explorer 7 (Release Candidate 1). Get it while it’s hot.


Webcast: Survive Information Overload

The Microsoft Office Online team has paired up with Laura Stack, President and CEO of The Productivity Pro, to deliver a webcast at 9am Pacific Time (that’s 5pm UK time) on Wednesday 23rd August. The topic: Tips to Survive Information Overload. In accordance with the webcast message, it will last just 30 minutes. You can…


[FRIDAY GAG] Britain’s Favourite Joke

This was recently voted Britain’s funniest joke: A woman gets on a bus, carrying her baby. As she pays her fare, the driver says ‘Urghh, that’s the ugliest baby I’ve ever seen.’ The woman goes to the back of the bus, fuming with indignation, and sits down next to another passenger. She turns to the…

You Need to Get Out More

It’s Friday. And Steve Clayton writes today about how his Out of Office message has taken on a personality all of its own. Mine has too. We all get so many “OOFs” that the very least you can do is inject a little life into your own message. In the spirit of sharing, my most…

Big Moon over Walton

That was a big moon over the North Sea the other night. And it’s amazing what you can do with a point and click camera these days. Thought I’d share this calming little photo as we enter another busy working day.

The quickest way to search

Alfred’s been asking what’s the quickest way to search for stuff online. Putting aside the debate of which search engine you prefer, there are some really neat shortcuts you can use to reduce the time from ‘query to answers’. If you use IE7 there’s a handy search bar in the top right corner. You can…


Save the Blog: Vote Now

Contrary to one correspondent’s theory, the lack of recent postings here is not evidence of my having been seized by British Anti-Terrorist Police. I agree that the liquids I carry onto aircraft may have a dangerously high alcoholic content that could blow your mind but I doubt they’d do much damage to a plane. No,…