Get back, get back to where you once belonged

Every so often a tip comes along that you really want to memorise. And The Beatles would have called this tip the 'Get Back To Where You Once Belonged" Tip.

While editing a document in Microsoft Word (or while composing an email using Word as your editor) you can "get back" to where you last edited the document by using the keyboard shortcut SHIFT+F5. This is really useful if you are editing a document then move your cursor to another position before realising that you now need to get back to where you last were to edit some more text. Or if you're partway through reviewing a Word document then have to save and close the file. Next time you open the file, simply hit SHIFT+F5 and you're right back to where you left off! (Unfortunately this doesn't work for part-edited emails that you re-open from your Drafts folder).

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