Merry Christmas everyone!

(and no, I’m not blogging on Christmas day – I post-dated this entry so could do the dirty work for me at the specified time!) Merry Christmas to Microsoft Outlook users around the world!


Great tips site

This one does exactly what it says on the URL: Check it out!

Undelete items in Outlook

Way back in December 1997, Microsoft launched a product called Exchange Server 5.5. It was a landmark moment for Microsoft and Exchange Server has grown from this point in time to become the world’s favourite messaging server. But there’s one small technology that we first introduced way back in Exchange Server 5.5 that many people…


Fax me!

Here’s a handy shortcut for Outlook users with a shared network fax device or a fax service provider: SHIFT-CTRL-X opens up the fax window. Try it, you might be surprised to find it works!

Email Security 360

This looks interesting… Mike Nash, Microsoft’s Corporate VP for the Security Business and Technology Unit (SBTU) is giving some live webcasts as part of a new programme called Security 360. The next webcast is all about email security and runs on December 20th at 5pm UK time. Find out more at

Changing the Due Date for Outlook Tasks ‘en masse’

If you’re a heavy user of Tasks in Outlook you’ll no doubt find the occasional time when  you don’t complete a task by the planned due date. OK, I’ll be honest. This happens to me all the time. But seeing a bunch of tasks which are 3 months overdue can be really demoralising so it’s…


Is it Christmas yet?


Exchange Best Practice Analyzer

Eileen gave me an easy to remember URL for the download site for the Exchange Best Practice Analyzer tools. Just head to and your browser will do the rest for you. It’s interesting how few people are aware of or making use of these free tools. If you’re an Exchange administrator, ExBPA and its…

Exchange Tour Unplugged – extra gig

The Exchange Tour Unplugged is going really well. We’ve already visited 7 cities around the UK with just Newcastle and Edinburgh remaining on this leg of the tour. To meet demand we’ve added one extra gig to the end of our tour and will be doing it all again next week on Wednesday 14th December at…