Exchange Tour Unplugged: we’re going on the road so you can too

Just announced for UK IT professionals who are looking to upgrade from Exchange 5.5 to Exchange Server 2003: The TechNet Exchange Tour Unplugged will be on the road from 21st November for three weeks coming to a town near you. If you’d like to join me (the weakest link), Eileen Brown (the legend), Ewan Dalton (so…


More on Outlook voting

If you use voting buttons in Outlook 2002 or later without an Exchange Server email account, it turns out that this works just fine as long as you remember to send the message in Rich Text Format (RTF) and the respondents replies in RTF too. Outlook won’t do the automated tracking of responses for you…


Why Outlook gets my vote

Few people make good use of Oulook’s ‘Voting’ feature in their emails but it’s one of the simplest and most handy collaboration tools around. You have to be using a Microsoft Exchange Server email account for this to work but everything else is baked right into the products. Here’s how it works. When creating your email,…


Tracking down an email sender

Want to know who sent that dodgy-looking email without trawling through the email header information? Take a free trial of for 15 days. This little application even draws you a nice little map showing the route the email followed before reaching your mailbox. And it integrates quite tidily into Microsoft Outlook. Worth a play…


XP Power Toys for cavemen

Every so often I find someone living in a cave who hasn’t heard about the free XP Power Toys at There are some really cool tools in there. Check ’em out!


Save your blushes when sharing files

The ‘Remove Hidden Data’ tool at is a must-have for anyone who shares files electronically. In a nutshell, it cleanses your file of a load of hidden metadata stuff like comments and track changes mark-ups so that recipients of your file can’t see personal information you wouldn’t like them to see. Get it now!


You know you’re out of control when…

…you discover a ‘Tasks in Archive Folders’ link suddenly appears because Outlook has auto-archived some of your tasks which are now more than 90 days overdue! Heck! I need longer days to stay on top of my ever-growing workload. Or perhaps a shorter task list would be a better solution.


Exchange Server 2003 SP2 just released

Get it while it’s hot:


How smart desktop alerts can keep you alert

The regular reader of this blog will know that I recommend switching off Outlook’s desktop alerts for all but really important messages. It’s easy to do this by changing the settings in the ‘When new items arrive in my Inbox’ section in Tools > Options >Preferences tab > E-mail Options > Advanced E-mail Options. (A special…


Always avoid folders starting with ‘T’

Frost’s Random Tip of the Day: You can save time if you avoid creating mail folders in Outlook that start with the letter T. Why? Because you’ll be able to more quickly convert an Email into a Task by pressing SHIFT+CTRL+V, then T, then ENTER. SHIFT+CTRL+V is the much-loved keyboard shortcut for ‘Move to Folder’. By…