Good advice from ‘The King’

My PC's been running really slowly this morning and I'm half expecting it to die completely any minute. I think I need a bit more ooomph in my hardware. Fortunately this has reminded me of some excellent advice recently dispensed by my colleague Gavin King. Here are his words of wisdom to help you stay sane in the event of catastrophic hardware failure. Follow these steps now. No, not tomorrow. NOW!

Saving your office (inc. Outlook) Settings
From time-to-time back these up to a safe place. Go to “Start – Microsoft Office – Microsoft Office Tools – Microsoft Office 2003 Save My Settings Wizard”. It creates a small file which you can import, email yourself, etc.

Saving your IE Favourites
Go to “File – Export…” in IE to save an html file of you favourites, cookies, etc

Comments (2)

  1. May says:

    Good advice. Thanks! Ever been to There are a ton of technology articles written on many different topics. I know they are always looking for more article submissions and may even pay for them. Check it out. I found an interesting article this morning on technology threatening our culture.

  2. Anne Stanton says:

    You might want to go to and run their new internet based anti-spyware and anti-virus programs. Housecall is great for double checking that your anti-virus is catching everything.

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