Slip into Slipstick

Any power Microsoft Outlook or Microsoft Exchange Server users who haven't yet discovered are missing out, big time! Slipstick offers a world of advice and tips about how to get the most out of these applications. The coolest, and often weirdest, bit of the site has to be the Utilities and Add-ins pages where you'll find an add-in tool for almost any need.

Want to completely ignore my advice to disable 'toast' reminders when new emails arrive and replace these with something even more intrusive?! Check out the vast range of enhanced notification add-ins you can try, from sounds, even more detailed on-screen prompts, to the bizarre experience of having your computer read each new email to you as it arrives!

Or have you created duplicate items in your contacts list and now find yourself getting hopelessly confused trying to tidy up the mess? Visit Slipstick's comprehensive list of Duplicate Checkers and see if there's a tool that can put a smile back on your face.

Good work Slipstick Systems!

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