O365 Customer Series: Teaching a college class from an airport terminal

 It’s frustrating being stuck in an airport terminal waiting on a delayed flight. Imagine if you’re stuck and are supposed to be at work or teaching a college class in a different state in just few short hours. Let the stress begin. 

Unless, of course, you have access to the right technology tools. When faced with that exact situation, FLO Wine Co-Founder Marcus Johnson grabbed a Wi-Fi day pass and his laptop, and taught a 90-minute course at New York’s Elmira College while sitting in the commuter terminal at Philadelphia International Airport. Marcus was able to see his students, access documents in real time and never missed a beat – making both him and his class happy.

Technology played a big role that day, as it does every day for Marcus and millions of other business owners. As an award-winning musician and CEO of the DC-based wine and music hybrid business, Marcus credits Microsoft Office 365 as a crucial part of his company orchestra. The suite makes it possible to get work done anywhere, at any time. Marcus can access calendars, email, documents and more, whether he’s at home at his desk, in the chair at the barbershop, on a beach in Florida or stuck in an airport.

Don’t own a business? Doesn’t matter. There’s an O365 for everyone from students to executives. This spring, Microsoft will launch Office 365 Personal, a single-user version of the cloud-enabled productivity software suite for consumers who like to fly solo. And earlier this week, Microsoft made it available on the iPad, too!

Stay tuned for more O365 customer stories over the coming weeks to find inspiration and see how others are getting work done in the cloud. You can also sign up for our RSS notifications by clicking the button on the top right of the page.

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