UPHClean v2.0 beta for 32 bit platform operating system

In the attachment below you will find the UPHClean v2.0 beta bits.  See my blog post here for a description of what’s in v2.0. uphclean-setup-x86-2-0-48.msi


When will UPHClean v2.0 be done?

UPHClean v2.0 has been in beta for an extended period.  Over 3,000 people have received the beta bits.  There have been enough reports of computers hanging and crashing to prevent release.  Further beta builds are needed to insure that those remaining problems are resolved.  Once ship quality is achieved a release date will be selected. …


Call stack logging: what it is and where does it go?

To understand what call stack logging is you must understand how software works internally.  Software is put together using small pieces of code.  These pieces are called functions.  Complex work is done by breaking it down into simpler tasks.  A function that performs a complex behavior gets it done by doing some of the work…