Give us your Feedback on Windows Analytics solutions

Your feedback is important to us and helps to improve Windows Analytics solutions: Upgrade Readiness, and Update Compliance. Here are some quick steps on how you can provide feedback.

1.   On a machine running Windows 10, open the Feedback Hub



2.   You can use the following URI schemes to provide feedback:

  • To provide feedback for Update Compliance, use this link: feedback-hub:?referer=referrerString&tabID=2&ContextId=797
  • To provide feedback for Update Readiness, use this link: feedback-hub:?referer=referrerString&tabID=2&ContextId=709

If for some reason if the links fail to launch the feedback hub app, use the following steps:

1.   On the Feedback page, choose Windows Analytics for Enterprises in the drop down list for Category.



2.  To provide feedback on Update Compliance solution, choose Update Compliance for Enterprises. To provide feedback on Upgrade Readiness solution, choose Upgrade Readiness for Enterprises.



3.  You can choose to Upvote an existing policy if it matches your feedback or choose Add new feedback to create a new one.

The Feedback Hub feature in Windows 10, so you will need a machine running Windows 10. If you don’t have access to a Windows 10 machine, you can send an email to .

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