Expanding Education’s Access to Technology with Windows Multipoint Server 2010

In our ongoing discussions with education institutions around the world, we’ve learned that customers want access to affordable, secure, and easy-to-use technology that provides students with the latest tools to prepare them for the global workforce.  Educators appreciate, and many advocate, the use of technology to improve teaching and learning.  They understand technology can help drive improvement in student achievement and they’re looking to Microsoft to help make this technology accessible. 


Over the past few years, we at Microsoft have been exploring the area of shared resource computing—a new computing category that allows a customer to tap into a computer’s excess capability to let a single computer support multiple users simultaneously.   In the world of education, shared resource computing has great potential to extend the reach and utilization of affordable computing for students.


Today, Microsoft is introducing its newest entry into the shared resource computing category: Windows MultiPoint Server 2010, an educational solution that extends the reach of technology in learning environments like classrooms, labs, and libraries by allowing multiple users to leverage the resources of a single computer, giving more students access to Windows technology that can help them to learn, share, produce, communicate and positively impact their future employability.


Designed for educational institutions with limited IT resources, Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 enables schools to access technology at a lower overall total cost of ownership with lower ongoing operations costs per user. 


For Microsoft’s part, we believe that we can bring value into the education market that’s not available today— delivering more computing access to classrooms for the same budget and with a familiar and supported Windows experience, all with simple and easy-to-use technology.


Faced with ever-tightening budgets in the classroom, the availability of Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 will give all of those in the education world—from policymakers to students—an open door to the limitless opportunities that only the magic of technology can make possible.


Stay tuned here and at our website for more info to come—we plan to have Windows MultiPoint Server 2010 available to schools around the world in the first half of 2010.


 -Ira Snyder, General Manager, Windows MultiPoint Server, Microsoft


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