World Teachers’ Day 2009

UNESCO celebrates World Teachers’ Day today on the anniversary of the 1966 signing of the UNESCO/ILO Recommendation Concerning the Status of Teachers which addresses teacher policies, rights and responsibilities.


There are over 59 million teachers around the world. They work tirelessly, often against barriers, to provide quality education for the 1.4 billion students around the world. Education is the cornerstone of economic opportunity, so any efforts to help young people realize their full potential must begin there.




All too often, schools and educators lack the resources to provide quality education to their students and prepare them for careers in the 21st century. That is why we work to create technology solutions for educators and students that are affordable, accessible and relevant. Through programs like Microsoft’s Partners in Learning, which has reached over 135 million students and educators worldwide, we strive to create education experiences that remove limitations and give students the opportunity to experience the benefits of technology.


We want to take a moment and thank teachers around the world for their dedication to their students and the future of our society. Thanks!!

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