Global Give Back Circle featured at Clinton Global Initiative Annual Meeting

This week the annual Clinton Global Initiative (CGI) meeting is taking place in New York. The CGI website describes this event as a meeting that “brings together a diverse group of the world’s most distinguished leaders from government, business, and civil society to examine today's most pressing global challenges and transform that awareness into tangible action.”


In an opening plenary session, three young women from Kenya had a chance to tell their story of social and economic empowerment to conference attendees. The story starts with a program called Global Give Back Circle which was founded by international banking consultant Linda Lockhart in 2006 to help disadvantaged girls further their education and improve their circumstances. Read more about these woman, Khadija Abdulla Said, Caroline Macharia and Mary Mwende, here.



 Khadija Abdulla Said, Caroline Macharia and Mary Mwende pose with Microsoft’s Pamela Passman.


Microsoft met with Lockhart this time last year and a partnership was formed. Now Microsoft is honored to provide funding and donated technology for a computer lab in Kenya. Microsoft employees in Africa also volunteer to act as mentors for the students.


An interview with Lockhart can be found here, and more from Pamela Passman at CGI can be found on the Microsoft on the Issues blog.  

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