One day with OneApp

We’ve blogged a fair bit on the launch of OneApp, but I wanted to give some insight into how I’m actually using the local service, called mibli, here in South Africa, where we signed up our first partner, Blue Label Telecoms.


My day goes something like this:


I use my (quite old, actually) feature phone and log into mibli using my Windows Live ID.  I browse to the What’s New applet to check on the latest headlines and friends’ updates. Using the IM function, I respond to a few comments and click straight into the call option to check up on a friend who’s status says he’s still feeling under the weather.


Driving to work, I stop to fill up with gas and while I’m at the counter, I buy a uKash voucher too to redeem with my mobile wallet. That means while I’m sitting in traffic (keeping one eye on the road, I promise, Officer) I manage to pay for both the download of a new song to my phone and respond to my son’s request for an airtime top-up via mibli.


Then somewhere between conference calls and more meetings than I can count, I keep an eye on the mibli powered by OneApp user commentary on Twitter and upload 10 photos of last week’s launch event in Johannesburg to my Facebook page. Not such a dumb phone now, eh?  


Before the afternoon winds down, I log in briefly to the location-based technology app, miLocate, to check if my son made it home from school. Glad that he’s made it home safely, I check in with the family for the evening’s plans. I’m in charge of cooking dinner. Unfortunately, there’s no app for that … yet.


Ian Puttergill

Business Development Manager

Unlimited Potential Group, Middle East and Africa

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