OneApp – just the beginning!

Wow. The interest in OneApp has been phenomenal – thank you! A great start to a very busy week.


The most interesting part of releasing a new product is the valuable feedback that follows. With OneApp, we’ve seen such a positive and constructive response from industry analysts, mobile luminaries and…you – from all over the world! Our Twitter feed (@MicrosoftUP) and Facebook (/MicrosoftUP) has been alight with great feedback and conversations.


The feedback from the community reminds me that this week’s announcement is just the first step on an exciting journey to extend OneApp to people with feature phones in many emerging markets around the world. We’ll be sure to let followers know about any updates to the broader release of OneApp outside of South Africa. I can’t wait to see us shift from product release to hearing about the variety of ways people are using and experiencing a feature phone powered by OneApp. 


Meantime, if you are looking for a deeper peek at OneApp, I invite you to check out this animated demo of the product:




More information about OneApp can also be found at

Tim McDonough - Senior Director, Unlimited Potential Group


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