A visit to Cafemax

The highlight of our first day on tour in Central and Eastern Europe was a visit to Cafemax iCafes in Moscow. I’ve seen many iCafes but this one struck me as leading edge. Why? Variety.

The Cafemax chain understands what their customers want and they know how to maximize their opportunities. They cater to a variety of needs: quieter areas for people studying, and a separate gaming room for louder pursuits.  They make you feel at home, offering much more than internet access – you’ll find everything from a pool table to sushi. This is a place where I could hang out, but we were there for a very specific reason…

The variety of Cafemax offerings grew even larger last month when they implemented an eLearning portal where customers can get certified on Microsoft software – a proud Michael Rawding was given the opportunity to present the first certificate of completion to Sergey who is the IT specialist for the chain. After he was presented with the certificate, Sergey showed Michael the ropes on the Cafemax eLearning portals. Check out the video below for a taste of what we saw today.

-  Greg Macris, Director, Microsoft Unlimited Potential Group


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