Partnerships and Education – Vasanti Neelakantan, Brilliant Tutorials

While India is progressing in leaps and bounds in cyberspace, on the ground, the realities of a third-world country are immediately evident.  Outside the major metropolitan areas, basic infrastructure such as roads, water and schools leave a lot to be desired.  At Brilliant, our vision of education is to empower students by providing them with the life skills they need to be intelligent, innovative and productive adults, regardless of which corner of the country they live in.  When we started over 35 years ago, we reached students through their local mailman, using the postal system to distribute our teaching material. 

Today, we see the role of technology as an equalizer, helping students have access to the best teaching and material available, even when they live in remote areas where schools and teachers are often lacking.  Microsoft’s Unlimited Potential shares our vision, and we are excited at the prospect of working together to improve education in India.  Our initial endeavour is aimed at providing students with access to online question banks to test their skills as they prepare for competitive entrance exams to get in to the top universities in the country.  Following that, we will be providing our education material to students online, thereby greatly expanding their access to world-class education.  In collaboration with Microsoft, we at Brilliant look forward to the opportunity to provide students with affordable education, enabling them to better participate in and contribute to the rapidly growing global economy.

- Vasanti Neelakantan, managing director, Brilliant Tutorials

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