Update: AAD Connect Network Test Tool

Update (7/24): I updated this since the last revision, so if you downloaded it prior to 7/24/2018, get the newest version. I began working with the product group on rolling in some of the network connectivity and testing checks available in the AAD Connect Network Test tool into the actual AAD Connect product.  I look…


Update: AAD Connect Network Test Tool

I trotted out the trusty WireShark and Fiddler tools today and ran through the latest iteration of AAD Connect setup.  In so doing, I’ve added a few endpoints to the test: $CRL http://ocsp.msocsp.com $RequiredResources adminwebservice-s1-co2.microsoftonline.com $RequiredResourcesEndpoints https://adminwebservice-s1-co2.microsoftonline.com/provisioningwebservice.svc As always, the newest version is available at http://aka.ms/aadnetwork. Goodnight and good luck!


Update: AAD Connect Network and Name Resolution Test

Update: This tool has a new shortlink: http://aka.ms/aadnetwork Since the tool passed the 500 download mark a few weeks ago, I’ve started getting more questions (internal and external) about a few of the tests and checks.  So, I decided to update/refine them to hopefully provide better guidance. The big changes: Updated reporting method for TLS…


Update to the AAD Connect Network and Name Resolution Test Tool

A few months ago, I debuted a new tool for AAD Connect deployment (read about it here: AAD Connect Network and Name Resolution Test or download it here: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Azure-AD-Connect-Network-150c20a3) which allows you to test a number of conditions to make sure your server and environment are suitable for deploying AAD Connect. This week, I needed…


AAD Connect Network and Name Resolution Test

Update: I’ve added several additional parts to this tool since it was originally released, including some debug logging, an Azure credential check to ensure that your identity is part of Global Admins, additional cloud endpoint checks, and a more thorough system inventory. While assisting some of my customers last year on an multi-forest AAD Connect…