Update to Create-LabUsers tool

Update: I've added a shortlink for this tool: http://aka.ms/createlabusers.

Because you didn't ask for it, I went ahead and added to it.

Well, that's a lie.  I actually had some really great ideas and feedback, so I've added a few new features that I wanted to draw attention to:

  • Detect existing Exchange session - If you cancel the script to create mailboxes while it's running, you previously needed to run a Remove-PSSession to close the open Exchange session.  The script will now attempt to use an existing session automatically.
  • Mailbox permissions - When creating mailboxes, you now have the option to grant random mailbox permissions to individuals in the same  container.  In Exchange Online migration scenarios, we generally recommended that you group users together based on job how they work together (which is typically by department), since there used to be a lot of gaps in cross-platform permissions being carried through.  You can use the MailboxAccessPermissions switch to enable the random assignment of permissions.
  • Calendar permissions - When creating mailboxes, you will also have the option to randomly assign delegate permissions with the CalendarPermissions parameter.
  • Send-on-behalf permissions - If you have used the MailboxAccessPermissions switch, the Create-LabUsers script will also grant the Send-On-Behalf permissions to a random group of delegates if the user in the pipeline has "Manager" or "Supervisor" in their job title.
  • Send test messages - It's not a real mailbox if it doesn't have data, which is why I created a random text generator function.  Using about 180 pseudo-words (stylized after the lorem ipsum text), the InflateMailboxes parameter will create a random email body of varying length and send it to a randomized group of users.

You can download the updated tool at exactly the same place you got the last version: https://gallery.technet.microsoft.com/Create-Realistic-Lab-Users-b756fedf

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