Service Manager Test Drive Available Now

I have exciting news to share! We have a Service Manager Test Drive preview of Beta 2 available to try out now.  It’s on hosted VMs, so all you need to do is log in with your Windows Live ID and start playing with it. The VMs have all of the same sample data we…


Desired Configuration Management Integration in Service Manager Beta 1

System Center Configuration Manager 2007(SCCM) has introduced a valuable feature, Desired Configuration Management (DCM), that enables assessment of client configuration compliance with specified configuration baselines.  With Service Manager Beta 1, we have introduced integration with DCM where incidents are created for out-of-compliance clients. We do this by collecting DCM non-compliance data using the SCCM connector…


Count of Configuration Items in Service Manager Beta 1

If you would like to get a count of Configuration Items for Service Manager Beta 1, there is a quick way to do this.  The steps are below in the picture.  Go to the Configuration Items workspace, click on a node and open any CI form.  Go to the related Items tab and then click…


Administering and Tracking Service Manager Beta 1 Connectors

Early feedback on Service Manager Beta 1 has highlighted that many folks would like more information around administration of connectors, especially on how to track the progress of a connector. TASKS First, I would like to point out some of the tasks available for Service Manager Beta 1 for a connector: The Sync Now task…


Creating an SCCM Connector for Service Manager Beta 1

In Service Manager Beta 1, you can create a Connector to a System Center Configuration Manager 2007 SP1 database. The SCCM Connector brings Configuration Item data about computers managed by SCCM, including Hardware & Software Inventory, Software Updates, and Desired Configuration Management (DCM) data. To create an SCCM Connector, you need to be a Service…


System Center Service Manager Beta 1 is Released!

System Center Service Manager Beta 1 has shipped! You can download the Beta from Connect: