Using the Microsoft Update Catalog Site with System Center Configuration Manager

The Microsoft Update Catalog site can be used with System Center Configuration Manager 2007 to deploy updates that are not automatically synchronized with WSUS.   For example drivers, QFEs, or other optional updates can be downloaded from the site (more info here).   This is a great additional capability, but how exactly can you make it work with SCCM?

Step 1:  Within the System Center Updates Publisher tool, click on the "Microsoft Catalog" link under "Online Resources"


Step 2: Install the ActiveX control and then search for the update you want to deploy.




Step 3:  Add to the basket and then import into the Software Update Point (WSUS server):



Step 4: Sync the update into SCCM and you are good to go.  (Note that you can initiate an immediate sync using the "Run Synchronization" action from the Updates Repository node under Software Updates)

Additional Note: You may find that some updates are not getting synced into SCCM even though they are in the WSUS Admin console.  This is because SCCM will not sync updates that may require user input or updates that have been superseded.  Fortunately, the Microsoft Update Catalog site gives you that information.

This one will not sync into SCCM:


This one will work:


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  1. dude -d says:

    The equivalent of "Online Resources" to access the Microsoft Catalog?

  2. dude -d says:

    How about SCUP 2011?

  3. charles says:

    If the driver requires "may request user input:yes", cannot be installed from client with pnp.

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