ConfigMgr 2012 Rebuilding Indexes criteria

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Todays’ post is about the ‘Rebuilding the Indexes’ criteria used by the ConfigMgr Maintenance task when it runs as per schedule. There were questions regarding which indexes are actually rebuild touched and what are not.

The option for enabling the Rebuild Indexes is shown below –


- The rebuilding of the indexes happens for the objects only if their FRAGMENTATION PERCENT is more than 10%.

- The index of type ‘HEAP’ are not considered (type = 0) for rebuild. Generally the types that are rebuild are CLUSTERED, NONCLUSTERED and XML.


The below query can be ran to find the tables whose indexes would be rebuild if the Maintenance task runs. [Sorted by the Most Fragmented first]


 select distinct 
+ '.' + OBJECT_NAME(stat.object_id),, convert(int,stat.avg_fragmentation_in_percent) 
as Fragmentation_percent
 from sys.dm_db_index_physical_stats(DB_ID(),NULL,NULL,NULL,'LIMITED') stat
sys.indexes ind on 
stat.object_id=ind.object_id and stat.index_id=ind.index_id
sys.objects obj on obj.object_id=stat.object_id
sys.schemas sch on obj.schema_id=sch.schema_id
 where is not 
null and stat.avg_fragmentation_in_percent > 10.0 and ind.type 
> 0
by convert(int,stat.avg_fragmentation_in_percent) 


Sample Output:

Hope it Helps !

Umair Khan

Support Escalation Engineer | Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager 


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  1. Tks for the post it helps a lot! Good stuff!!

  2. Tks for the post it helps a lot!

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