ConfigMgr Current branch (1810+) guidance for the SQL CE levels with various SQL versions

Hi Folks, So first things first before I bombard with Jargons on SQL to a non-SQL ConfigMgr admin. What is CE or Cardinality Estimation? The CE predicts how many rows your query will likely return. The cardinality prediction is used by the Query Optimizer to generate the optimal query plan. With more accurate estimations, the…


ConfigMgr 1702+: Adding a new node (Secondary Replica) to an existing SQL AO AG

Scenario: We already have a working Primary and secondary replica and we know that ConfigMgr 1702 does support an extra replica i.e. 2nd Secondary replica. So we are adding a freshly built node as a secondary replica.   The documentation we have around this can be found below. To add a new replica member…


ConfigMgr 1702: DRS Activation SPROCS Internals (with Case Study)

    Hi Folks, To start with explaining this topic a small background on what is Activation. This is purely a SQL Service broker term. The messages when they are placed in the queue need to be processed, so as a message is placed SQL SSB has an Activation Stored procedure defined which is launched…


ConfigMgr CB: ‘Delete Aged Discovery Data’ Internals (with Case Study)

Hi Folks, Many a times we do get cases where the Delete Aged Discovery Data is not deleting the records that we expect it to delete. So here are some findings that are not documented and I have had quite a few cases. Starting with where do we set it; Pretty easy as everyone knows…


ConfigMgr 1702: The case of unexplained – Client Peer cache not getting disabled even after disabling it via Client Settings

  Hi Folks, I am back with the unexplained series. Today being the discussion on the new feature called Client Peer Cache introduced in ConfigMgr 1610. Even though the issue in the blog talks about Client Peer Cache still in use when disabled, We will first try to understand the background and some semantics of…


The case of unexplained – ConfigMgr 2012: Mismatch in a User collection members count in Primary and CAS

Hi Folks, I am back again yet with an Unexplained chain 🙂 This one helps to understand the difference between evaluation of a user collection and device collection. Hope you will find it useful. – UK


ConfigMgr 2012 DRS Initialization Internals

Hi Folks, I have tried explaining the DRS Initialization internals so that we have better understanding in troubleshooting the issue as Initialization is a major part of troubleshooting in DRS cases. I have used some techniques to stop the messages in the SQL Service broker. This is for educational purposes and we should not touch…


SQL Service Broker and MSDB wrt ConfigMgr DRS

Hi Folks, I came across this weird issue where the messages were stuck in the sys.transmission_queue and we do not see the to_broker_instance column for these messages. It was empty, meaning the message was not yet able to identify the routing service at the receiving end. The rest other sites working meant we had the…


The case of the unexplained – Application Deployment Monitoring reports: Which one to rely?

Hi Folks, The mismatch between the error is explained at: I worked on checking the different views for deployment status for monitoring for the deployment of Applications across the different places– 1. Pie chart on the console- ====================== “Top Level” deployment report (i.e. Monitoring à Deployments and look at the status under “Completion Statistics”)…