Resetting Windows Explorer

Have you changed something you didn’t want to change and now need to reset File Explorer? Michael Sammels shows how you can use the registry to do just that.


History of Windows

It’s time to get all nostalgic and take a look back through the history of the world’s biggest operating system, Windows. Have you used them all?


All the important Windows 10 device announcements

By Sergejs Cuhrajs, Microsoft UK Developer Community Manager Staying true to its name, the #Windows10devices event brought us a whole slew of new devices. Not only did the Microsoft Band get a refresh, followed by two new Lumia flagships, but the long awaited successor to the Surface Pro 3 saw the limelight along with the very first laptop…


Windows 10: Ready for business

One billion devices – within the next two to three years, that’s the target for Windows 10. It’s ambitious, but achievable. It’s a goal that cannot be met without widespread workspace adoption and if Microsoft wishes to make this a reality we must prove to IT Pros why changing OS is worthwhile to both them…


Updated: What did I miss at BUILD 2015? A Summary of Announcements

I think it’s fair to say it’s been a pretty busy 24 hours for our colleagues over in the US! Whilst we were making our way home from what could have been any other Wednesday, our American counterparts and several thousand guests were settling in for a keynote session full of exciting announcements at the…


Licensing Logic: The Enterprise Cloud Suite and Windows Per-User Licensing

Part of the  Microsoft Licensing Logic series from the Microsoft Licensing team.  Mobility is the new norm. Have you ever checked you email outside of the office? Got a bit of work done in an airport lounge or hotel business centre? If you’re what Microsoft describe as a knowledge worker, then of course you have. But…