Your 2017 guide to Azure Security Center

As ransomware attacks become more sophisticated, cloud based applications are at an increased risk. Professionals using Microsoft Azure must now take full advantage of the recently introduced Security Center to defend their cloud infrastructure and applications.

OWASP top 10 or fixing web security, one item at a time

OWASP top 10
OWASP top 10

Microsoft Software Engineer Christos Matskas looks at the OWASP Top 10 security risks, such as hackers, security misconfiguration, and cross site scripting, and suggests tools and practices to help you to mitigate them.

Dealing With Security Risks From Upper Management

Data breaches have become all too common, with many businesses paying the price for their lack of vigilance and security features. But what if your biggest security risks come straight from your upper management?

Cyber security in context

In the face of ever evolving technologies such as the Internet of Things (IoT) and Content Analytics, the ability to provide integrity, protection and governance to data becomes more important. Geoff Evelyn looks at the importance of this from a global, company and personal perspective.

How Windows 10 will change your workplace

Bold claim indeed. But let us just examine what will be arriving in a couple of days, when Microsoft releases Windows 10 into the wild world outside the rarefied existence of the Windows Insider Programme. Windows 10 has been in Preview with over 5 million insiders for many months and each ‘flight’ has introduced more…

Cloud Security – What you Need to Know

Nazar Tymoshyk is a Security Consultant at SoftServe with over 14 years of experience in Information Security. Nazar has a Ph.D. in Information Security and is also the leader of OWASP Chapter Lviv. His Security Certifications include Certified Ethical Hacker (EC-Council), Zyxel Security Specialist, CIW Web Security Specialist, HP Fortify Security Technical Specialist, Cisco SMB…

In demand Cloud Skills for 2015

Ed Jones works for Firebrand Training, a Microsoft Gold Learning Partner. He has worked in the IT training and certification industry for the past 3 years. He is a tech enthusiast with experience working with SharePoint, Windows Server and Windows desktop. Research from the Cloud Industry Forum suggests cloud computing has now achieved mainstream deployment in…