A look at the open source PowerShell v6

PowerShell MVP Richard Siddaway takes a look at the differences between PowerShell v6 and Windows PowerShell 5.1, including use cases, resources and what’s to come now that it’s open source.

Developer and administrator tools for Microsoft Azure

Christos Matskas takes a look at Azure PowerShell, Azure CLI 2.0, Visual Studio Code and Azure Cloud Shell, detailing the pros and cons of each so that you can decide whether the tools are right for you.

Effective cost saving in Azure without moving to PaaS

Recently we were asked if we could help a company to reduce the costs of their infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. They were wanting to move rapidly, so working on a plan to re-architect their system to make use of the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) features that Azure provides wasn’t a viable option – we had to find another way.


Parallel processing with PowerShell

PowerShell MVP Richard Siddaway shows how to automate administrative tasks on a large scale by working in parallel with PowerShell. This article covers PowerShell jobs, workflows and runspaces.


DevOps Technology in a Windows World

The DevOps movement is quickly making ground in the IT industry. Elton Stoneman, speaking at WinOps, looks at DevOps in the Windows world – featuring PowerShell and Docker.

Introduction to Azure Resource Manager Templates for the IT Pro

Conflict between software development teams and IT operations is familiar to many of us. To alleviate the issues, UK Technical Evangelist Marcus Robinson explains how we need to ensure consistency between the DevTest and Production environments. We can do this by creating a template that defines the environment, known as Infrastructure as Code.

PowerShell function to enable WinRM over HTTPS on an Azure Resource Manager VM

You may have seen my previous posts detailing how to enable WinRM over HTTPS on an Azure Resource Manager VM. I have now collated all the different bits of script and creates a single PowerShell function. The function is called Configure-WinRMHTTPS, and is as follows: function Configure-AzureWinRMHTTPS { <# .SYNOPSIS Configure WinRM over HTTPS inside…

Create a Custom Script Extension for an Azure Resource Manager VM using PowerShell

Following on from my previous two posts regarding WinRM over HTTPS the next stage was to automate the steps that needed to be carried out inside the Azure VM. In my original post I had a mix of PowerShell, command prompt and copy and paste! Andy Slowey provided me with the following PowerShell to optimize…