How we are actually moving to the cloud

Cloud Adoption
Cloud Adoption

The recent opening of two UK Azure data centre regions has meant more organisations are asking when and how they should be adopting cloud services. However and whenever an organisation decides to adopt cloud services, it soon learns that each format of cloud service is adopted in a different way.


IT Services at Christmas

Andrew Fryer a Technical Evangelist, specialising in data center and all things data. When not blogging and making screencasts in the office he can be found presenting at various IT Professional events across the UK including TechEd, Tech Days Online and IT Camps, IPExpo and SpiceWorld VMU Ed and I have been doing quite a few…


Cloud Adoption from an Enterprise Architect’s Point of View

Gavin Payne is a principal architect for Coeo, a SQL Server professional services company, and a Microsoft Certified Architect and Microsoft Certified Master. His role is to guide and lead organisations through data platform transformation and cloud adoption programmes. In an ideal world, IT leadership would be able to have all of their systems hosted…


Event Promotion: Lunchtime in the Cloud – Microsoft Azure Virtual Machines and more…

  By Steve Plank – Microsoft Technical Evangelist I’d say there’s a greater than 50:50 chance you’re confused about cloud-computing unless you’re already involved. Terms like “public cloud”, “hybrid cloud”, “Infrastructure as a Service”, “Platform as a Service” add to an apparent mystique. Maybe you find yourself just on the periphery of the conversation and…

Guest Post: The allure of Azure – IaaS goes live

By Dan Scarfe, CEO of Dot Net Solutions I remember the day clearly. It was February 25th 2009 and I was sitting in the Platform Adoption centre in Redmond at a Software Design Review for Windows Azure. I recall us having a debate about IaaS and PaaS. Coming from a development background myself, a number…


Windows Azure is changing the start-up paradigm

James Varga is CEO of miiCard (My Internet Identity Card), a service that lets you prove your real identity purely online and in just a few minutes. James founded miiCard in 2011 and is now focused on bringing trust to the internet and giving us back control of our online identities. miiCard is a revolutionary…


Video: How one company migrated to Windows Azure

Here’s another great video from Steve ‘Planky’ Plank about how a company is benefiting massively from the implementation of Windows Azure. It’s quite a different story to the one from Retail Manager Solutions we brought you earlier in the week, focusing on a public-facing system. At The Races were running a high-volume website in the…


New video – Microsoft Cloud Platform: Enterprise-Class Architecture

In this new video my lovely colleague Steve ‘Planky’ Plank talks about Microsoft’s PaaS offering, including Windows Azure, Windows Azure application fabric and SQL Azure. Find more Azure resources here, along with the new Economics of the Cloud whitepaper, posted a moment ago.   Technorati Tags: PaaS,Windows Azure,Windows Azure Application Fabric,SQL Azure