The Right Theory for IT.

Back in the sixties Douglas McGregor at MIT came up with Theory X and Theory Y. This is so old it might infact be a new thing for you.  If it is new to you the theories play out like this… Theory X Theory Y – We’re all lazy – We work hard – We…


Different Strokes for Different Folks

        By Anthony Sutcliffe – IT Team Leader at Delphi Diesel Systems       At a recent IT Pro council meeting, one of the marketing staff was making a key presentation to the group; and once she finished, she asked the members of the council for any ideas that they might have….

Whitepaper: Delivering Maximum Business Value With A SharePoint Based Application Strategy

Microsoft Partner PointBeyond have just released a new whitepaper about SharePoint which details the strategic approaches for getting the most out of this technology. IT decision makers are under pressure to deliver more with fewer resources. At the same time, many are struggling to cope with a backlog of applications awaiting delivery. A strategic approach…


Get Involved during Anywhere Working Week: February 27th

Do you wish you could work a little more flexibly? The Anywhere Working initiative are calling on you and your company to give flexible working a chance during the week of 27th February 2012. You can track the impact this has on your time and money, as well as the effect you have on the…


Managers & Directors: Mingle with fellow Business Pro’s

We have two events that we think you may find interesting as a business leader.  If you do decide the events are of interest you will be in good company as our very own UK MD Gordon Frazer will be speaking at one of these events along with a range of inspiring and highly strategic business leaders. …