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How to use Arduino with the Azure IoT hub


By James Brand, Lead Developer at Intellihub.io James from Intellihub.IO, one of the companies in Microsoft’s IoT Innovation Programme, talks through how to take the data from sensors connected to Arduinos and stream that into a Microsoft Azure IoT hub. IntelliHub.io is an Industrial IoT company, designing, manufacturing and deploying IoT devices and sensors in commercial…

Why does the Internet of Things matter?

Talking about cloud services to IT Professionals can seem like explaining Christmas to turkeys, but the knowledge and attitude we have learned actually put us in a great position as these services are more widely adopted. In this article I want to focus on the world of the Internet of Things (IoT). IoT reminds me…

Raspberry Pi: Docker Host

By Andrew Mallett. You can find more of Andrew’s work on Urban Penguin So you’ve just bought a Raspberry Pi. Now what? What can I use this credit card sized computer for? It only has a 900Mhz processor! Don’t let this become another wasted project that you won’t be able to find a use for. With…


What IoT technologists should learn from F1

Gavin Payne is a principal architect for Coeo, and a Microsoft Certified Architect and Microsoft Certified Master. His role is to design, deploy and fix Microsoft data platforms. Sensors and devices that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), and the services to manage them, are now appearing left, right and centre. Real-time activity and environment…


Creating a simple Windows 10 IoT application – LED Dice

By Paul Winstanley, Microsoft System Center Configuration Manager Consultant, SCCM Solutions Ltd. He has 20 years experience in IT and is a community contributor to Windows Management User Group (WMUG) and blogs at sccmentor.wordpress.com. If you want to kick start some development in the world of Windows 10 IoT it can be a daunting place…

Fusing Cloud and the Internet of Things

Oleksandr Matviishyn is a Software Engineer at SoftServe, Inc. He has 4 years of experience in mobile, web and cross – platform development. Being involved in researches related to mobile and cutting edge technologies, Oleksandr also works with Healthcare, Enterprise and Security oriented solutions. As connecting means, computing power, storage and devices miniaturization become pervasive….

An In-depth Look at the IoT Cloud Infrastructure

Vadym Fedorov is a Solutions Architect at SoftServe, a leading global software application development and consulting company, and a regular blogger on the SoftServe United blog. Vadym has 12 years experience in enterprise application development, as well as 2 years’ experience in Cloud and operations optimization. When talking about the Internet of Things (IoT), we mean…