IE9 at Work – Vote to Win £1000 of Experiences!

Some people will do anything to get Internet Explorer 9 at work! In our latest TechNet Competition we’re showcasing unique skills that people are using to convince their IT Manager that it’s the best browser for their office. Pampering, head shaving, even some questionable body painting, they’ll do anything to impress you. Visit the ‘What…


Win amazing experiences with IE9

Internet Explorer 9 – it’s blisteringly fast, elegantly designed and the securest browser yet. Now you have two ways to win by voting for your favourite IE9 videos. We’ve launched a competition to ask people what they would do to get IE9 at work and we’ll be posting the best examples of how far they’d…


Podcast – ChangeBASE’s App Compat Guy Talks IE9

Go on, treat yourself, it’s Friday! Why not take half an hour out and listen to what Chris Jackson, Principal Application Compatibility Consultant at Microsoft (AKA The App Compat Guy) and the ChangeBASE team have to say about the app compatibility challenges that can be faced when moving off of older browsers and onto IE9….


IE9 is secure, managed and trusted for your organisation

In this world concerned with consumerised IT where almost everyone is familiar with using a browser of some description and many are bombarded by messages about how “fast” the internet can be if you use browser X, it really is important to keep a clear idea of what matters most to your business.  Without a…


Find out how Microsoft IT deployed Internet Explorer 9

Developing a testing and deployment strategy that delivered Internet Explorer 9 to more than 100,000 desktop computers around the world, Microsoft used its own deployment tools and management technologies to reduce the time, cost, and complexity of planning, building, and deploying Internet Explorer 9. Read about the planning, the process and best practices in this…


Internet Explorer 9 IEAK has just been released

One of the tools you’ll need when deploying Internet Explorer 9 is the Internet Explorer Administration Kit (aka the IEAK) which has just been released and you can select your language and download the IEAK here.  Why would you want to?  Well it’s your tool for customising an MSI package of Internet Explorer 9 to…


Internet Explorer 9 is here

For some of us the past year of releases around Internet Explorer 9 (IE9) has seen huge leaps forward in our browser, from the first Platform Preview to the latest release candidate to todays RTW (release to web) version changes have been felt in every corner of the browser.  Be it in speed which saw…


Now available: Internet Explorer 9 RC

The Internet Explorer 9 Release candidate has just been released and includes new features like Tracking Protection a tweaked UI that provides better Tab Management and the faster Chakra JavaScript engine that will (along with GPU integration etc.) make the IE9 RC the all round fastest browser out there.   What’s in it for the IT…


IE9 Platform Preview 7…blazing fast!

One year ago today we showed the first look of the Chakra JavaScript engine that powers Internet Explorer 9 and people said it was fast.  They need to eat their words…it’s no longer fast…it’s faster than that…it’s the fastest JavaScript engine on earth according to the WebKit SunSpider micro-benchmark.  I’m sure the guys in the…