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Notes & Queries – Hyper-V on your laptop

This is a follow up to my article Catch Up: Expanding Your Laptop With Hyper-V, where in this post I want to explore why you would use Hyper-V and what its limitations are. Limitations Limitations first: Hyper-V on a Windows client is not as fully featured as its bigger brothers, Hyper-V Server and Windows Server….


Catch up: Expanding your laptop with Hyper-V

Andrew Fryer presents the second article of our new software Catch Up series. This time the focus is on Hyper-V: what you’ve been missing out on if you went straight from Windows 7 to 10, and how you can start leveraging hypervisors to perform essential tasks in the Windows Server platform. Hyper-V For many of…


First Steps with Microsoft Operations Management Suite

I’ve worked with System Center Operation Manager (SCOM) in the past to manage on premise infrastructure. Microsoft Operations Management Suite (OMS) is a relatively new offering that is focused on monitoring hybrid cloud environments. I like to think of it of a cloud version of SCOM, although it actually enables data from SCOM to be sucked into it for additional analysis…

A busy year ahead with nano server.

I have spent the last two weeks doing my normal day job(s) and also pretty much working double shifts by watching along with our /Build and Ignite conferences. The several Keynote sessions were as polished, impressive and exciting as we have come to expect. What has surprised me is just how many of our flagship…

The Ultimate Mobile Dev/Test Datacentre?

Colin Chaplin is a freelance Infrastructure Architect who helps large organisations transform Microsoft-based infrastructure. Like many of you, I’m incredibly mobile and other than my home office, don’t actually have a fixed base. My work also encompasses a vast variety of technology, sometimes unexpectedly and sometimes tech that I’ve not touched for a few years…

Unlocking the value of System Center.

I have just returned from another series of UK IT Camps, this time at our London Headquarters in Victoria. They were well attended and it was a pleasure to meet so many @TechNetUK Twitter followers as well as some old friends, MVP’s and members of the UK Microsoft Technology Community Council. So far this year we…