Licensing Logic: Short term subscriptions

You now have the option to license a range of cloud services on a short-term basis for less than 12 months. This short-term option is available for customers through an MPSA (Microsoft Products and Services Agreement), the evolution of Microsoft’s Volume Licensing (VL) programs. Here’s what you need to know.


Reducing risk and enhancing security

By Marcus Robinson, Managing Director of Octari I often hear stories on my travels from IT teams who repeatedly face barriers related to security when implementing cloud services. The reality is that cloud services often include features that enhance security and reduce risk compared to legacy systems. Within this blog post, I will call out…


The UK IT Camp Roadshow is on its way to Cardiff and Birmingham

In December we travel to Cardiff and Birmingham to deliver the next phase in our IT Innovation series of IT Camps. We have four UK IT Camp events in December. 1st December – Radisson Blu hotel Cardiff       –    Azure (Cloud Infrastructure) 2nd  December – Radisson Blu hotel Cardiff     –   Windows 10 Enterprise 9th December  –…

Unlocking the value of System Center.

I have just returned from another series of UK IT Camps, this time at our London Headquarters in Victoria. They were well attended and it was a pleasure to meet so many @TechNetUK Twitter followers as well as some old friends, MVP’s and members of the UK Microsoft Technology Community Council. So far this year we…

UK IT Camps – Enterprise Mobility – Sign up now.

Life during my first year at Microsoft has been almost exactly as I imagined it might be, but as I always do at Christmas I reflected on the year past and particularly this year on my first 9 months as a Microsoft Employee. Whilst doing so I remembered exactly what prompted me to sign up…

Endpoint Zone Episode 3

In this edition of the Endpoint Zone Brad Anderson discusses three game changing announcements around Office 365 integration with Microsoft Intune, native instrumentation of Microsoft Office apps for Microsoft Intune management and <something else>…(read more)