Enable Office 365 Built-In MDM (Mobile Device Management)

Do you have company owned mobile devices or employee-owned mobile devices that receive email? Of course, you do everyone does. Do you have a Mobile Device Management solution that you’re paying lots for but only using little of? Have you got or…(read more)

Endpoint Zone Episode 7: Office 365 Mobile Device Management

This week I had the opportunity to catch up with Brad Anderson, CVP Enterprise Client and Mobility at Microsoft, as I usually do to film the Endpoint Zone. On this month’s episode we take a look, and walk through the new Office 365 MDM features…(read more)

Endpoint Zone Episode 6: Conditional Access, Ignite, Azure Remote App

In this episode, Brad talks about a recent trip to some customers in the mid-west, an incredible learning experience, seeing some of the real world challenges of trying to cobble point solutions together for EMM. Simon and Brad then talk about Conditional…(read more)

Enable Mobile Application Management of Office apps for iOS and Android

The Microsoft Word, Excel, PowerPoint and OneDrive apps are hugely popular on iOS and are natively instrumented for management only with Microsoft Intune. On Android, OneDrive, Office Mobile, and many other apps are also natively instrumented only for…(read more)

New MVA Course: How to manage Samsung KNOX with Microsoft Intune

There is a lot that you can do with Microsoft Intune and apps that are running on Samsung KNOX devices. Samsung KNOX has very good, deep and wide management that’s enabled through Microsoft Intune, from app deployment, email configuration right…(read more)

Endpoint Zone Episode 5 with Brad Anderson and special guest @jackmadden

In this episode of the Endpoint Zone with Brad Anderson, Simon May asks Brad what’s new since the  last show  (cyber attacks and world wide Intune roll-outs). Next up Simon and Brad talk about the last 90 days in the world of Enterprise Mobility…(read more)

I’m on Brad Anderson’s @inthemsftcloud podcast

Conditional Access to company resources is something I’m especially interested in and you should be too. It gives you the ability to allow only registered devices to access files and email and that gives you (the IT Admin) the control your company…(read more)