What is R?

In the age of big data, R is rapidly becoming the leading programming language in statistics and data science.


What IoT technologists should learn from F1

Gavin Payne is a principal architect for Coeo, and a Microsoft Certified Architect and Microsoft Certified Master. His role is to design, deploy and fix Microsoft data platforms. Sensors and devices that connect to the Internet of Things (IoT), and the services to manage them, are now appearing left, right and centre. Real-time activity and environment…


IT Pros at the ready, Office 2016 rollout has begun

Make IT do more in the new Office Office 2016 rollout is less than a week away and now seems a suitable time to run through what you can expect – from an admin point of view – in the latest iteration of the productivity suite. It’s several months since we released our Office 2016…


Cortana in the UK – Get it here!

Having dutifully installed the upgrade to Windows 10, several of my friends and colleagues encountered a small but annoying issue.  Their very own personal assistant was absent without leave. As shown below. This short post is a step by step guide (with lots of pictures and not many words) to getting Cortana up and running,…

Licensing Logic: Windows 10 FAQ

By David Cattanach, 6th August 2015 Windows 10 was released on the 29th July and was made available in volume licensing on the 1stAugust. After a great deal of audience interaction on the recent Windows 10 Licensing Logic article, it seemed like a good time to revisit some questions regarding the retail version of the…


Windows 10 is here!

[View:https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Gu6vmNz-PhE:0:0] Today’s the day, Windows 10 is here! For 190 countries around the world, Windows 10 will be pre-installed on new PC’s and laptops, released as a free upgrade for Windows 7 and 8 users, and available for sale separately. Windows 10 is an OS like no other; the foundations of development have been built…

Windows 10: Ready for business

One billion devices – within the next two to three years, that’s the target for Windows 10. It’s ambitious, but achievable. It’s a goal that cannot be met without widespread workspace adoption and if Microsoft wishes to make this a reality we must prove to IT Pros why changing OS is worthwhile to both them…


Why Open Source Cloud Computing Has Become So Popular So Quickly

Rick Delgado feels blessed to have had a successful career in the tech industry and has recently taken a step back to pursue his passion of writing. He’s started doing freelance writing where he occasionally works with tech companies like Dell Computers. He enjoys writing about new technologies and how it can help us and our planet….