DevOps in Practice

In a modern agile world, it is important to deliver your product to the end user as quickly as possible, retrieve feedback, and then deliver a new version that includes all the requested features. To achieve this, you need DevOps.


Two Backlogs Integration (Trello & VSTS)

The idea of having the two backlogs can still be pretty new to many people Mohamed Radwan explains the philosophy behind the usage of different backlogs, and presents the integration of different management systems.


Miss a TechDays Online session? Catch up on-demand!

Last month, we hosted a three-day long, MVP-led TechDays Online. All 18 sessions are available to be viewed on-demand via Channel 9, so don’t miss out on topics including bots, Linux on Azure, Xamarin, Quantum Computing, IoT and more!

DevOps Technology in a Windows World

The DevOps movement is quickly making ground in the IT industry. Elton Stoneman, speaking at WinOps, looks at DevOps in the Windows world – featuring PowerShell and Docker.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux

Red Hat Senior Solutions Architect Martin Percival talks the Red Hat-Microsoft partnership and what it means to you.

5 steps to become a DevOps Engineer

DevOps is the hot hiring trend right now and staying ahead of the game can be a challenge. Prism Digital and the DevOpsGuys have come together to offer up five top tips to ensure you’re as hireable as possible in the ever evolving DevOps world.

Introduction to Azure Resource Manager Templates for the IT Pro

Conflict between software development teams and IT operations is familiar to many of us. To alleviate the issues, UK Technical Evangelist Marcus Robinson explains how we need to ensure consistency between the DevTest and Production environments. We can do this by creating a template that defines the environment, known as Infrastructure as Code.