Data always tells a story

The difference between business intelligence and advanced analytics often attracts conflicting interpretations from users, vendors, and industry commentators. Gavin Payne explores these differences, and why business intelligence and advanced analytics are increasingly different.

Data’s CODEX and the control of data expediently

In the third instalment in her series about the best practices and procedures used in the management of database systems, Victoria Holt takes a look at the results and findings of her analysis.

From data to insight and impact – the BI revolution

This article is for those new to the world of business intelligence, such as application developers and cloud architects, who want to understand how a typical BI solution works, what each of its components do and some of the technologies used to implement them.

The Scientific Journey of Database Systems Research

Victoria Holt takes a look at the exceptional journey of database systems discovery and the important role that database research plays in innovating and improving the database management space.

Staying in the Pink

Like a lot of older phrases the original use of “In the Pink”1 has been lost but is associated with being on top form and in good condition. When I apply this term to data I tend to associate with a good friend of mine Allan Mitchell who is one of the MVP’s behind SQL…

Management of Database Systems Research, a précis

Victoria Holt, Database Architect & Senior DBA at Eduserv and Database Researcher at The Open University. In 2012, it was 50 years since the first functioning prototype of a database management system was built. Since then the management of database systems has significantly evolved. What was a simple management task has become much more complex. There…

SharePoint and the Emergence of the Data Scientist

  By Geoff Evelyn, SharePoint MVP owner of As the use of content management systems evolve with users adding more, ahem, "content", the organizations accountable for those content systems will need to ensure that they build in people resources who can manage that content, and particularly people who can find insights in that content…

SQL Server 2012 Common Criteria Certification

By SQL Server Team UK In February 2013 Microsoft received the Common Criteria (CC) certificate for SQL Server 2012 SP1 Enterprise Edition (English) x64 (Version 11.0.3000.0) at EAL4+ and compliant with U.S. Government Protection Profile for Database Management Systems, Version 1.3, 24 December 2010. See the actual CC certification screen shot below. This is the…

Guest Post: Top Tips from QA – Creating business diagrams from within SQL Server without using Visio services or third party tools

Mark ‘Fitz’ Fitzgerald is the principle technologist for business intelligence, covering SQL, PerformancePoint and ProClarity at QA. He is a twenty-year veteran of the IT industry, with experience that ranges from mainframes, help desk and MIS systems. Mark has experience developing business applications in a range of products which enhance and distribute accurate, timely information…