13 epic registry hacks

Learn how to customise the Registry to make changes in Windows 10 with 13 great registry hacks.


Parallel processing with PowerShell

PowerShell MVP Richard Siddaway shows how to automate administrative tasks on a large scale by working in parallel with PowerShell. This article covers PowerShell jobs, workflows and runspaces.


Resetting Windows Explorer

Have you changed something you didn’t want to change and now need to reset File Explorer? Michael Sammels shows how you can use the registry to do just that.


PowerShell and Server Core

By Richard Siddaway, PowerShell MVP and author on a number of books on PowerShell, Active Directory and Windows Administration. He is a regular speaker at the PowerShell Summit and user groups, and blogs regularly on his PowerShell blog. Sometimes, when you have multiple problems you can use one problem to help you solve the other….


What should I study? Which Exam should I take?

In the TechNet UK office we have an open email address for people to ask us all manner of questions and even sometimes complain about us or praise us… but mostly we like it when people tell us what they want from us, that way we know our audience is getting what they want. In…