From data to insight and impact – the BI revolution

This article is for those new to the world of business intelligence, such as application developers and cloud architects, who want to understand how a typical BI solution works, what each of its components do and some of the technologies used to implement them.

The Role of Qualitative Data in Making Business Decisions

How do customers feel about your company? It’s probably not the easiest question to answer definitively. Data analysis is often the best step, and it’s qualitative data that can often mean the difference between success and failure.

Creating a new Rembrandt with big data

The New Rembrandt
The New Rembrandt

By Dan Oliver, Editor-in-chief at Creative Bloq Big data. Machine learning. As emerging areas of technology, these are hugely engaging topics for developers, and push the boundaries of what humans can achieve through computing. However, not everyone feels positively about them, and despite the fact that we’re still scratching the surface of what we’re able to…

What is R?

In the age of big data, R is rapidly becoming the leading programming language in statistics and data science.


Big Barriers to Big Data Adoption

Big data often brings big results, but various challenges and setbacks usually aren’t far behind. These challenges can represent a barrier for adoption, but, as Rick Delgado explains, such issues can be overcome.

How the Retail Industry is Using Big Data Wisely

Big data can be used in the strangest of ways and the retail industry has usually been the heaviest user of all. Rick Delgado shares four wise practices that convert raw data into satisfied customers, improved products, and notable profits.

Cortana – Remembering the Future

If you have ever watched the Star Trek First Contact film the crew allude to the fact that then star ship Enterprise is named after the first space shuttle, when actually it’s the other way around the first space shuttle was so named because over 2 million star trek fans lobbied NASA to call it…