DevOps in Practice

In a modern agile world, it is important to deliver your product to the end user as quickly as possible, retrieve feedback, and then deliver a new version that includes all the requested features. To achieve this, you need DevOps.


5 Tips for Successful Azure App Development

Cloud application development isn’t always straightforward. Whether you’re new to the cloud, or a seasoned pro, take a look at these 5 tips for successful Azure app development.


Effective cost saving in Azure without moving to PaaS

Recently we were asked if we could help a company to reduce the costs of their infrastructure in Microsoft Azure. They were wanting to move rapidly, so working on a plan to re-architect their system to make use of the Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) features that Azure provides wasn’t a viable option – we had to find another way.


Data Warehousing in the Cloud

Chris Testa-O’Neill, a Features Engineer in the Analytics and Data Science team at Microsoft, takes a look at setting up Azure Data Factory using PowerShell. This is a preview for the upcoming SQLBits, which takes place between the 5th and 8th April. Be sure to check it out!


Miss a TechDays Online session? Catch up on-demand!

Last month, we hosted a three-day long, MVP-led TechDays Online. All 18 sessions are available to be viewed on-demand via Channel 9, so don’t miss out on topics including bots, Linux on Azure, Xamarin, Quantum Computing, IoT and more!